Custom videos

I love collaborating with my video clients to make their custom video dreams come true and I always appreciate great feedback!

I DO NOT shoot custom videos with fans. I produce videos written by fans. I work with professional porn actors on camera.

Basic pricing for custom shoots

Video Type

Min Duration

Base Rate

incremental Rate per 5 mins

Personal video message

A way for fans to connect with me via video message

You can request a video message for a personal connection, shout-out, proposal, surprise or as a gift for a birthday, wedding, congratulations, Christmas, Valentines and much more.

Let Me know what shout out or special message you want me to say

Video duration:

Min 30 seconds/ Max 1 minute

£50 n/a

Solo tease

* All solo videos will be shot on 1 static cam / 1 angle. Multiple angle shots will not be provided. Please see table below for additional rates

** I do not do any blasphemy/scat/ beastiality or insect crushing videos

15 mins £200 £50

Fantasy wrestling



(non comp only)

20 mins


* Cost of videographer will be included in the rate quoted






(The above with fully certed established performers only)

20 mins


* Cost of videographer will be included in the rate quoted



With female or male sub

(no sexual contact with sub)

20 mins


* Cost of videographer will be included in the rate quoted



Erotic/ Fetish

20 mins


* Cost of videographer will be included in rate quoted



Other pricings factors

The perfect custom video is a lot of work! If your script requires multiple set-ups, a large amount of dialogue, co-stars, specific wardrobe, multiple sex acts or locations the rate will go up accordingly.

Additional requirements

The rate will need to be added onto the above basic rate

How detailed the script is


For solo shoots If you require multiple/ specific camera angles, closeups etc, there will be an additional cost of a videographer.

£200 upwards

Additional Talent requirement

£POA (Cost will vary according to individual talent requirements)

Spoken Hindi required


Picture sets required with video

(Not for solo shoots)


Use of name in clip


Exclusivity of video

( Will not be uploaded to any of my platforms)

Specific wardrobe requirements.


If I do not have the items/ outfits you require, you will be required to purchase them or pay an additional fee so that they can obtain them for the shoot


How to place your order

  • Please email me on with your custom order requirements/ script and I will let you know if it can be achieved. Please be clear and conside so that I can give you an indepth answer.
  • Once I have confirmed the script requirements and rates with you, 50% of shoot fee will become payable to confirm. Payment will need to be made via one of the methods listed below. Please check the relevant surcharges applicable for your chosen method of payment and add them to the rate quoted.
  • Once deposit has been receIved, you wil be notified and a tentative shoot date will be given
  • All customs will be payable in full, 10 days before the shoot commences.
  • All custom videos are non-refundable.
  • I own the rights to the video and the rights to post it on any of my content platforms. You can purchase an exclusive video "for your eyes only" for an additional fee as shown above which will not be put on any platforms
  • Please note that uploading of any exclusive/ non exclusive custom videos without my prior consent to any platform is strictly prohibited and a DMCA will be enforced against anyone found to be doing so.


Format and delivery

  • All videos are shot in HD and wil be delivered in a edited mp4 format via a downloadable link.
  • Delivery is a standard 28 working days from date of deposit recieved. We can aim to send out within 14 days of deposit received however this will be charged at an additional £250


Methods of payment for your order

Payment method

Transaction surcharge which will need to be added onto the unit price for all goods/items on this page only

Payment information


You can pay for your purchase by clicking on the donate credits button.

1 credit = £1

UK to UK bank transfer

Please note all payments will need to have cleared first before any order is started

N/A Please email on for bank details

Overseas to UK bank transfer

Please note all payments will need to have cleared first before any order is started



Please email on for bank detail.


Thank you for your order. Enjoy X

DISCLAIMER: It goes (almost) without saying, that you should only ever use debit/ credit card details belonging to and registered to YOU ONLY. If any fraud or extortion by anyone I come into contact with is suspected, it will be reported to the local authorities of whichever country you reside, without hesitation.

Refund Policy: All sales and transactions sent or purchased via this website are final. Once you have paid for content or gifted the Performer, it is non-refundable. Refunds may be issued at our sole discretion, but we are not required to do so.