Mistress Sahara Knite

Location: Kent - Me4

Session availability: Incall  only Monday-Sunday from 2pm - 9.30pm


Prospective clients, this is your lucky day! Your most intimate and wicked fetish fantasies are waiting to come true.

This is the first step towards realising the reason for your existence… To make me happy.

I am Goddess Sahara, a Kent domina offering sessions in Kent, UK. As a Domina, I cater for all sorts of fetishes and depravity.

A session with me is a little different to a run of the mill pro-domme experience. My sessions are all run from my "private" play space, a domestic setting and not from a dungeon. At the end of the day, why should I be uncomfortable for YOU? I do not have a multitude of equipment, only what is necessary and required to whip you into shape. If you do wish to session with me in a dungeon, it can be arranged at an additional cost.

Drop to your knees and submit to me! Your submission will be my pleasure!


Experiences can include, but are not limited to

Corporal punishment:



OTK spanking,




Judicial Caning



Anal training:

Strap on/ pegging

Anal play



Humiliation and degradation




Forced acts





(Obviously you're not good enough for me, but I will gladly force you to watch Me with someone who is! YOU will be humiliated for being the pathetic creature that you are! No involvement on your part apart from cleaning up the mess at the end)


Smothering/ Breathplay

(Light only)

clothed facesitting

clothed bottom worship

Mumification in cling film




Nylons/ stockings









Leg restraints

Chastity and keholding

Email for details

Sensory deprivation




Financial servitude

 (see below)

Golden showers

(giving only)

Nipple torture
Trampling Tights & stocking worship Domestic servitude

Ball busting

Mild to extreme

Fantasy roleplay



(No urethral sounding)

Caging Puppy training

Forced Bi

* With a transwoman or a bi-male in either a dominant role along side me or in a sub role.

Online Servitude

(email for application)

Cashpoint meets






Please enquire for my availability or if there's something you are interested in that isn't listed by filling in the Booking form or Email me


Hard limits

Hard limits are activities that are off limits. There is no need to mention your interest in any of My hard limits as that is not relevant to Me and they will not be entertained.

Hard Sports, Electrics, Needle play, Adult Baby/Age Play with paedophilic fantasies, Biting (or anything likely to result in any exchange of bodily fluids in either direction!), Kissing, Switching, Extreme play of any kind, Smoking, Blackmail, Insect crushing, Nudity, Wrestling, Sexual services of any kind, There will be no hand relief from myself either. You may be able to relieve yourself if you have earned permission. NO topping from the bottom, No Intimate worship above the knee, Splosh or messy play and NO filming of sessions.


Session, Duration and tribute

Dungeon-based sessions are available for bookings of 1 hour or more - Advance notice is required. Please add an extra £70ph to the tribute to cover costs.



What does it involve



Meet and greet session for potential new clients

These sessions are to offer you the opportunity to meet me in person to discuss potential session ideas or scenarios in depth.  

Please be aware that there is absolutely NO PLAY WHATSOEVER during these sessions, and they are very much based on tea/coffee and chat.

30 mins £100

One fetish only

Pick one fetish only from the following:

Spanking/ Humiliation/ Clothed facesitting/ Ballbusting/ Trampling/ Clothed Bottom worship/ Foot worship/ shoe worship/ Armpit worship/ Strap on sesion/ slapping/ spitting.

15 mins £100


Giving only 15 mins £150


See table above for fetishes 60 mins £300

Double Dom 

Session with 2 mistressses 60 mins £POA

Cuckold session

See table above for info 30/60 mins £POA

Forced Bi

With myself and a Transwoman/  Bi sub or a Bi Dominant

60 mins £POA

Chastity and keyholding

For those who enjoy or want to have their useless pathetic cocks or clittys locked away so they cause you no further trouble.

Email for further info

Own chastity belt to be provided



Depends on package/ level chosen

Non supervised Domestic servitude

Non supervised - Harder cleaning chores/gardening chores / DIY etc, with no supervision or attention from me.

Location/availability: Chatham Kent

It is imperative that you have access to your own mode of transport as you will be required to bring some or all of the necessary equipment that will be required/needed to give Mistress a clean home/ car and garden.

General criteria

18 - 60 years old
Male, Female, Transgendered
Minimum 3 hours a week to be dedicated to me
Service-oriented, loyal and focused
Honest at all times and not in the habit of over-promising

What I am NOT seeking

If you’re looking to flounce around pretending to dust or intentionally cock up your chores so you’ll be punished, you can book the relevant domestic servitude session and I can help you fulfil your fantasy.

Wannabe subs who don't show respect or Wannabe subs who want to dictate! You must know your true place at my feet. You are not equal to me, you are not to tell me what to do!


Whilst you are inside you may wear suitable cleaning attire such as just your underwear or sissy/maid wear etc (Provided by yourself). For all outside chores, you will be expected to be in your full normal work clothing.

Min 3-4 hours between 2pm and 7pm on weekddays.

Flexible on weekend

£500  upto 4 hours

Minimal supervision Domestic servitude

Minimal instruction for lighter chores and housework WITHOUT my attention-

Min 2 hours of chores

Min 2 hours £350

Full supervision Domestic servitude

Complete supervision and my attention whilst being ordered to perform chores - I will be at your side at all times.

60 mins £300

24/7 online sub 

Email for info and application Ongoing £POA

Shopping & spoiling sprees

I love to be spoiled! if you have proven yourself worthy by gifting or tributing regularly then you may have an opportunity to meet with me in real time and take me on a day out, a shopping or spoiling spree.

This could be in the form of a day trip to the spa, or you taking me shopping at selected stores. Anything that takes my hearts desire. You will learn more about My interests & tastes. We will get to know each other better while you are putting a big smile on My face. You are a gentleman who knows how to treat a woman! Alternatively, you can just be a PAY SUB and help the Mistress achieve her whims and desires. Either way, it will be a fun day out. Discretion is ALWAYS guaranteed.

Min 2 hours


with a £500 minimum spend

Cash point meets

Available to those who have already established themselves as regular worthwhile money-pig for at least three months.

You will be instructed to be at an ATM of My choosing at a particular time & date whereupon I will drive-up, order you to withdraw an amount of My choosing, snatch the cash from your hand and simply walk-off leaving you there whilst I go off to spend your hard-earned money in any way I choose!

No longer than necessary

£50 deposit

Min £300 withdrawal

Online servitude

For those subs who cannot submit to me in person, I offer cam 2 cam sessions and also the opportunity to speak to me on the phone or chat via a text service.

See my

Cam with Me


Call Me/Text Me


See relevant page

International sessions

Etiquette for all overseas session bookings...

With sufficient notice, I can session with you almost anywhere in the world ( Exc USA). Travel that is booked in advance by gentlemen that I am already familiar with is preferred. If we have never met and you would like for me to join you for an extended period of time, I will need a minimum of 4 weeks notice.

All travel bookings will require a 100% deposit.

For all other bookings, a deposit of 50% of my fee will be required (See booking info for methods of payment accepted).This is in order for me to keep the dates in my schedule free for you.

Please Note: Visas if required, Flights/ airport transfers and hotel are not included in the given rate and will be in addition to the rate quoted. For flights longer than 5 hours I kindly ask for a business class ticket. The hotel booking will need to be made under my name.

If for any reason you need to cancel our session a minimum of 2 weeks notice will be required. All fees already paid will be kept for up to 2 months, allowing you sufficient time to reschedule without losing out in any way financially.

Deposit will be non-refundable for any dates cancelled without the 2 weeks notice period given.

2 hours minimum



Any services that are not mentioned above, please feel free to ask if you have something in mind.... All I can say is no to your request.

For more info/ check availability or request a session please fill in my Booking info/form or Email me.


Financial Servitude

Financial-Domination (Fin-Dom) -Slavery, Control, Exploitation is a frequent request to Dominant Women. Unfortunately, these requests often turn out to be fantasies of pathetic little males who have nothing better to do with their time than waste it along with that of the Domina whom they are attempting to engage in mutual communication, with no intention of follow-through.

This indulgence if for those who seek out a strong-willed woman, who takes what she wants from them without a care in the world. This is for those of you who know there place in life, on your knees serving me! So read carefully before contacting me!

I am a lady with expensive taste. I enjoy the finer things in life and what I enjoy even more is when you pay for it!

As my sub, your life will have a purpose, knowing that your servitude contributes towards my fun and pleasure. Do not be complacent as I will expect you to work hard for My pleasure. To serve..amuse and indulge me.

Do not waste My time by asking if you can be My financial sub. Firstly to show your worthiness and for me to take notice of you, you will need to send a tribute (min £150).  Anything less than 3 figures will be considered silent tributes

Click on donate credits button below, and give generously!


you can send me a generous gift (£150+) from my various wishlists on my Spoil Me page or a very generous Amazon giftcard (£150+) to my email address saharaknite@hotmail.com

You will not expect anything in return for your financial servitude. "Tributes" and "gifts" do not "buy" my time or qualify you as a financial sub. To qualify as a financial sub, once you have done the above you must apply. Contact me and I will send you an application form. After reviewing the information that you provide I will determine if you would be a desirable sub or not. If I determine that you will be I will send you a contract. Following acceptance, you will do whatever pleases me of course.

Money makes the world go around… and your world should revolve around Me!


See FAQ'S page for answers to questions you may have.

See Booking info/form for method of payments accepted


DISCLAIMER: It goes (almost) without saying, that you should only ever use debit/ credit card details belonging to and registered to YOU ONLY. If any fraud or extortion by anyone I come into contact with is detected or suspected, it will be reported to the local authorities of whichever country you reside, without hesitation.
Refund Policy: All sales and transaction made via this website are final. Once you have paid for content or gifted the Performer, it is non-refundable. We may issue refunds at our sole discretion, but we are not required to do so.
All money tributed should be given willingly, and by those of sound mental health (You must be a working adult of over 18 years of age and be capable of making independent financial decisions, without supervision).